Economics: Concepts and Choices

Program Description

Economics: Concepts and Choices uses a concept-driven and interactive approach to develop economic literacy. It uses real-world examples, frequent concept application, and continuous updating to ensure that students and teachers stay abreast of the very latest economics news and information. A variety of print and technology resources are integrated into this comprehensive program providing teachers and students with the tools needed for success including easy-to-use teaching tools and assessment tools that inform instruction.

Program Components

Student Components

  • Student Edition (print, online, and eTextbook)
  • Reading Study Guide
  • Streaming Digital Media Library, Student Access
  • NCEE Student Activities

Teacher Components

  • Teacher's Edition (print, online, and eTextbook)
  • Reading Study Guide Answer Key
  • Teacher One Stop™ DVD-ROM
  • Power Presentations DVD-ROM
  • Streaming Digital Media Library, Teacher Access


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Economics: Concepts and Choices, Texas Edition