Psychology: Principles in Practice

Program Description

Psychology: Principles in Practice, Texas Edition

Psychology: Principles in Practice presents the most up-to-date and accessible high school psychology program on the market. Taking into account current psychological theory and statistics, we bring the teacher a psychology program that gives students the tools they need to understand themselves and the world around them. With a variety of case studies, group projects, and opportunities for in-depth study, Psychology: Principles in Practice is the best choice for students. In addition, the program features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of introductory psychology concepts
  • Psychological issues treated in a manner appropriate for high school students
  • Video programs that bring the current issues in the world into the classroom

Program Components

Student Components

  • Student Edition (print, online, and eTextbook)
  • Reading Activity Workbook
  • Streaming Digital Media Library, Student Access

Teacher Components

  • Teacher's Edition (print, online, and eTextbook)
  • Reading Activity Workbook, Teacher's Guide and Answer Key
  • Teacher One Stop™ DVD-ROM
  • Power Presentations DVD-ROM
  • Streaming Digital Media Library, Teacher Access


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