Sociology: The Study of Human Relationships © 2010

Program Description

Written specifically for high school students, Sociology: The Study of Human Relationships is a solid program that reflects the most current sociological theory and practice. The program allows students to discover the meaning behind behavior and society's impact on the individual as they master content, manipulate data, and create models and graphics. In addition, the program features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of introductory sociology concepts
  • Video program that brings the current issues in the world into the classroom
  • Sociological issues treated in a manner appropriate for high school students
  • Features that help expose students to issues affecting our society
  • Social, cross-cultural, and historical points-of-view that help develop students' sociological imaginations

Program Components

Student Components

  • Student Edition (print and online)
  • Reading Activity Workbook
  • Streaming Digital Media Library, Student Access

Teacher Components

  • Teacher's Edition
  • Reading Activity Workbook, Teacher's Guide and Answer Key
  • Teacher One Stop™ DVD-ROM
  • Power Presentations DVD-ROM
  • Streaming Digital Media Library, Teacher Access


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Sociology: The Study of Human Relationships, Texas Edition