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    Use words with precision. Clear, concise definitions help you say exactly what you mean. With 61,000 entries, this dictionary covers the practical language you need every day. Based on the prestigious Webster's New World College Dictionary, this compact desk edition is authoritative and easy to use.  


    * Succinct explanations of grammar and punctuation help you avoid common errors 

    * Expert advice on word usage adds polish to your writing. 

    * The clear, readable style guide includes numerous examples of the "do's and don'ts" of effective writing  

    * Helpful tables give quick access to frequently needed facts, from capitals of the states to measurement conversions 


    Also features: 


    * Widely used scientific, technical, professional, and business terms  

    * Frequently used foreign words and phrases  

    * Common abbreviations  

    * Guide to pronunciation  

    * Concise word origins  

    * Basic rules of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization  

    * Proper expression of numbers  

    * Spelling and hyphenation of compound words  

    * Guide to proper use of frequently misused words and phrases  

    * Handy reference tables


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