Steck-Vaughn® High School Equivalency Test Preparation

Adult Learners Grades 9–Adult

  • Why?

    Learners Build a Solid Skills Foundation

    The Steck-Vaughn® High School Equivalency Test Preparation solution has been updated to reflect the most recent specifications of the HiSET® Exam and the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC™).  It is ideally suited to help learners master the tests and move them one step closer to gainful employment.

    Materials are aligned with assessment specifications of today’s current tests and are  consistent with the level of difficulty learners will face on the exams.

    A Blended Approach to Instruction

    We understand that everyone across the country are at different stages in the use of technology and that every person learns differently. Adults need flexibility. The NEW Steck-Vaughn High School Equivalency Test Preparation series features a digital component that mirrors the print content. It is perfect for print or blended instruction and fits the needs of the busy adult learner.

  • Features

    The Steck-Vaughn® High School Equivalency Test Preparation series equips learners with foundational skills they need in preparation for taking the HiSet® Exam or TASC™ Assessment.

    Features of the Student Editions include:

    • Call-outs, learning strategies, test-taking tips, and guided practice items
    • Focused instruction on key skills and concepts
    • Emphasis on higher-order thinking skills
    • Glossaries of key terms

    Providing complete, focused instruction and practice, this series offers five comprehensive workbooks in all content areas.

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    • Content Areas


      Writing covers parts of speech usage, sentence structure, mechanics, organization, and essays. The texts are presented in nonfiction, fiction, reports, essays, and more.

      HS Equivalency Writing


      Reading consists of major topics including; nonfiction, fiction, poetry, frequently misspelled words, and frequently used words. Subject matter varies and incorporates higher-order thinking skills.

      HS Equivalency Reading


      Learners will develop skills in numbers and operation in numbers; measurement and geometry, estimation, data analysis, probability, statistics, and algebraic concepts such as patterns and more.

      HS Equivalency Math


      Science curriculum includes units in life science, physical science, and earth and space science. You will apply principles of scientific inquiry and interpret information that may be found in graphs, tables, and charts.

      HS Equivalency Science

      Social Studies

      Social Studies learners will learn about geography, U.S. history, world history, U.S. government, civics, and economics. Content is represented in various methods such as maps, graphs, reading passages, and more.

      HS Equivalency Social Studies

      Callouts, learning strategies, test-taking tips, and guided practice items aid learners in the development of close reading and strategic-thinking skills. The Steck-Vaughn High School Equivalency Test Preparation program also features:

      • Lessons that follow a standard Learn–Practice–Apply instructional sequence where content builds across lessons to support the introduction of more complex topics
      • Focused instruction on key skills and concepts, followed by test practice
      • Practice questions that incorporate informational reading passages, graphics, maps, diagrams, and authentic literature
      • Unit practice tests
      • Glossaries of key terms for each subject area
      • Detailed annotated answer keys
  • Digital

    A Complete eLearning Environment

    We believe that every person should have access to learning resources in a format that meets their particular needs. Steck-Vaughn® High School Equivalency Test Preparation is also available in a digital format in HMHeLe, the HMH® eLearning environment.

    With HMHeLe digital courses you can:

    • Easily deliver high-quality, engaging content
    • Monitor student performance
    • Analyze learner progress against course standards and objectives
    • Enable independent, self-directed learning

    Mirrored Content

    HMHeLe course content mirrors the print content in each of our Steck-Vaughn programs, making it easy to use in a fully digital or blended learning format. Courses engage learners with interactive content and instant feedback.


    State-of-the Art Reporting

    HMHeLe empowers instructors to easily track a learner’s performance, diagnose areas of strength and weakness, assign or omit course content, and even develop IEP’s. Instructors can monitor progress towards course completion, evaluate performance to date, and access the complete profile of a learner enrolled in several courses.


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