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  • Why?
    Why Gateways?

    Accelerate Common Core Success!

    Providing intensive intervention for reading/language arts, Gateways™ quickly moves students back into the core curriculum and helps them master the Common Core State Standards through strategies that guarantee success in the classroom and beyond.
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    Research-based instructional strategies help students and teachers succeed

    Key research on ELLs along with the nation’s top education researchers helped inform all of the instruction and activities in Gateways. The scientifically based instructional sequence at the program’s core precisely targets and addresses the unique needs of at-risk students.
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    Proven Instructional routines help ELLs and struggling readers succeed

    Gateways sets clear instructional expectations, uses proven instructional strategies, and intervenes and accelerates learning so that struggling readers and English learners gain the skills and confidence they need to get back on track and up to grade-level in reading and writing.
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    • Common Core Success

      Accelerate your students toward Common Core success with Gateways!

      Gateways™ takes into account both sound research-based teaching methods and the real-life needs and abilities of students.

      Literature and Informational Text

      Well-known fiction and nonfiction texts offer a range of reading levels, increasing in text complexity as students move through the program.

      Common Core Success

      Foundational Skill Instruction

      A reliable lesson plan offers predictable routines, with Building Word Study Skills sections focusing on phonological awareness or phonics and Practicing Fluency sections throughout the program.

      Listening and Speaking

      Structured Student Interaction sections to spark collaborative discussions on a variety of topics and texts and embedded questions encourage students to support their statements with evidence.


      The only program where students produce 12 complete writing compositions and on-demand pieces and include six Purpose lessons in each chapter incorporate prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, and research report writing in level 4.


      Conventions of English sections address specific grammar skills and Developing Vocabulary sections attend to Vocabulary Acquisition and Use.

      Common Core State Standards Correlation

      The Gateways curriculum is designed to ensure student mastery of Reading/Language Arts content standards. All standards, strategies, and skills were carefully correlated by grade and built into the appropriate levels of the program. This detailed correlation spans across state Reading standards, Writing standards, Written and Oral English Language Conventions standards, and Listening and Speaking standards.

      Grade 1

      Level 1A (195 KB) Level 1B (195 KB)

      Grade 2

      Level 1A (186 KB) Level 1B (191 KB)

      Grade 3

      Level 2 (192 KB)

      Grade 4

      Level 3 (213 KB)

      Grade 5

      Level 3 (203 KB) Level 4 (211 KB)

      Grade 6

      Level 4 (206 KB)
    • Making a Difference

      The Situation

      Beaumont Unified School District in Riverside County, California consists of 10 schools, with approximately 8,100 students. Sixty five percent of students are served by Title 1 schools and prior to using Gateways™, the district had no formal program to address Tier III instruction.

      Beaumont Unified School District - Gateways Result Chart

      The Solution

      During the 2008–2009 academic year, researchers collaborated with officials to examine the impact of Gateways on 276 students in Grades 4–10 in English Language Arts proficiency.

      The Results

      Data analysis revealed that students using Gateways made significant improvement in ELA proficiency from Spring 2008 to Spring 2009. Using Gateways was associated with a significant increase in the percentage of students at or above basic proficiency on the ELA California Standards Tests (CSTs) within the district (see fig. 1), an increase not reported among the comparison students.

      The biggest gains were from some of my weakest students.

      — Intervention Pilot Teacher

    • Research Base

      Gateways’ instructional approach steeped in scientifically based research

      The purpose of the Pedagogical Research Report is to demonstrate clearly and explicitly the scientific research upon which Gateways™ is based. The report is organized by the four major elements of effective instruction that underpin the program:

      • Using effective approaches
      • Teaching content that is important for student success in reading and language arts
      • Providing universal access to instruction
      • Utilizing assessment effectively to guide instruction

      Gateways Research (1.2 MB)

      Gateways for English Learners (4.6 MB)

    • Program Authors

      Gateways™ offers current and confirmed research from renowned reading and language arts experts.

    • Scope and Sequence

      Gateways™ offers explicit and systematic introduction and reinforcement of skills and strategies in the following domains: phonemic awareness, phonics, morphological awareness, fluency, reading, literary response and analysis, conventions of English, writing process, and writing genres.

      Scope and Sequence (138 KB)

  • Features

    Gateways Bridges the Learning Gap

    Gateways' comprehensive research-based reading/language arts intensive intervention program designed to accelerate reading and academic achievement for Grades 4–8.

    Comprehensive, Streamlined Components

    Comprehensive, Streamlined Components

    Gateways’ components keep students focused and teachers organized, making classroom management easy! Support quick and easy implementation with teacher and student materials, including digital versions.

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    The Best Teacher You Can Be

    Embedded, Ongoing Professional Development

    Ultimately, it’s the teacher who makes the difference in a student’s life. Gateways™ helps you reach and engage even the most reluctant readers. Along the way, the program not only has the resources these students need, it has the guidance you need to make a difference.

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    Feature 3 - Digital Resources

    Differentiated Placement and Assessments Drive Success

    The Gateways system offers differentiated placement with a three-step process, placing students in one of five distinct levels. The assessment system uses four types of assessments intended to inform placement into and exit from the program, to evaluate student performance, and to inform instruction. Ongoing Assessment includes formative assessments every 7 lessons, optimal instructional time between assessments, and built-in time for explicit reteaching.

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    • Comprehensive, Streamlined Components

      Streamlined components support the instructional routine. The core student components are the Anthology, Practice Books, and Writer’s Notebook. The core teacher components are the Teacher’s Guides and Transparencies. Together, these tools provide the solid foundation for learning every day.

      Gateways Lesson Resources

      Teacher’s Guides:

      • Fully modeled lesson plans for every step of the lesson
      • Overviews, research, and student corrective suggestions
      • Convenient planning tools

      Student Anthology:

      • Beautifully illustrated, engaging texts at the right level
      • Social studies and science themes
      • High-quality literature and non-fiction text at controlled reading levels

      Student Practice Book:

      • Student Preview and review lesson objectives
      • Student-text interaction improves comprehension

      Student Writer's Notebook:

      • Structured writing activities
      • A scaffolded writing frames

      Decodable Readers:

      • Daily phonics and word study practice
      • Engaging, age-appropriate design
    • Embedded, Ongoing Professional Development
      Literacy and Language Coach

      The Teacher’s Guide truly does all the planning for the teacher and provides professional development at the same time. This highly organized guide offers fully modeled lessons with step-by-step instructions to help teachers of all experience levels deliver instruction in the most efficient and effective manner.

      The instructional intent is clear and the wording is standardized so that students receive consistent direction in a sequence that is supported by scientifically based research.

      Literacy and Language Coach

      Each step in the lesson plan is introduced with current research supporting the instruction and why it is important.

    • English Language Learners

      The Instruction They Need, When and How They Need It

      ELL Student with Laptop

      Gateways™ is committed to helping ALL students at the lowest levels of literacy acquire the skills they need to gain reading success, taking into account sound, research-based teaching methods and the real-life needs and abilities of students.

      • Using approaches proven effective for ELLs
      • Teaching content that is important for student success
        in college & careers
      • Providing universal access to instruction
      • Utilizing assessment data to inform instruction
    • Digital Resources

      Online Digital Tools for planning, assessing, and tracking student achievement

      This system offers the following tools and resources:

      • Lesson Plans and Resources, including all Gateways™ teacher and student pages as PDFs, daily lesson plans that link to instructional resources, as well as audio and video selections
      • Student Assessments, including easy-to-use online placement, progress-monitoring, and summative assessments
      • Gradebook and Reports for assignments and offer immediate feedback on student assessments
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