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Common Core Writing Grades K–12

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  • Why?

    Aligned to the Common Core

    Write Source® provides instruction, practice, and assessment fully aligned to Common Core and College and Career Readiness Standards for student success.

    Only Write Source Offers Both Print and Digital Programs K–12

    The only K–12 personalized print and digital language arts program that provides detailed coverage of the writing process, Six Traits, grammar, usage, and mechanics skills, and the key writing forms.

    Online Peer Collaboration

    Only Write Source provides an ePortfolio that allows students to publish their work to the Write Source Community and collaborate between peers.

    Interactive Worktext with Embedded Multimedia Grammar Activities

    Net-text provides step-by-step instruction and practice for each step of the writing process. Multimedia grammar games, videos, and assessment extend and reinforce grammar, usage, and mechanics skills for each unit of instruction.

    Comprehensive Student Editions

    Student Editions contain clear coverage of the writing process and the Six Traits of writing through a consistent, easy-to-read style that provides explanations, guidelines for cross-curricular writing, annotated models, and CCSS test taking strategies.

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      Experience the Power of Write Source® Online

      The only K–12 Common Core aligned language arts program with personalized learning, collaboration tools, and more!

      Contact your Account Executive to purchase GrammarSnap! today.

    • Common Core Standards

      Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

      Write Source® is the only fully digital elementary and secondary writing program that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

      Author Dave Kemper explains how Write Source incorporates and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards in its design as well as content so you can adopt the Standards with success.

      Elementary (1MB)

      Secondary (1MB)

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    • Research

      Learn more about Write Source® through the research!

      Developing a Meaningful Writing Curriculum (1.2MB)

      Write Source Online: A Research-Based Approach to Writing (130k)

      Efficacy Studies

      Write Source Online Randomized Control Trial (2013)

      This gold standard study summarizes how middle school students using Write Source Online saw significantly greater gains in writing skills versus a randomized control group.

      Write Source Impact Study (2011)

      Read about how students across K–12 grade levels saw significant gains in writing proficiency during implementation of the Write Source program during the 2010–2011 school year.

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  • Features

    Write Source® is the only K–12 print and digital personalized Common Core language and writing program with complete of Writing, Language, Listening, and Speaking standards.

    Using cutting-edge technology tools and 21st-century skills, Write Source is designed to help students master the key writing forms, writing process, Six Traits, and grammar, usage, and mechanics skills .

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    • Blended Learning

      Transitioning between print and digital has never been easier!

      Write Source

      Print Features

      • The only K–12 language arts program with consistent methodology and language that meets Common Core Standards with a focus on College and Career Readiness
      • Student-friendly graphics, icons, and language help assist in learning content
      • Writing process with stepped-out Six Traits instruction with an unparalleled focus on revision including explicit instruction using rubrics for each trait
      • At-point-of-use grammar instruction containing models, practice, and application, with opportunities to extend grammar lessons for reteaching and extension
      • Literature connections with flexible color-coded instructional sequence
      • Content area writing including Science, Social Studies, and Math
      • Can be all print, all digital, or blended solution
      Digital Dashboard

      Digital Features

      • Personalized learning environment with customizable avatars, dashboards, and profiles
      • Net-text and ePortfolio provides collaboration tools and the opportunity to publish to the Write Source® Online Community
      • Multimedia grammar activities and additional grammar, spelling, handwriting resources found in a searchable Virtual File Cabinet
      • Ready-made Interactive Whiteboard Lessons; includes Spanish Interactive Whiteboard Lessons for Grades 2–5
    • Podcasts

      On the go? Download these audio podcasts to your smartphone, iPod®, or laptop and learn about Write Source® features, instructional design, online safety, and more.

      Why a 21st-Century Writing Program? (MP3 - 5MB)

      Elements of Effective Writing Instruction (MP3 - 4MB)

      Online Safety in WS Online (MP3 - 6MB)

      Interactive Whiteboard Lessons: A Digital Design to Enhance Student Writing (MP3 - 4MB)

      Write Source Online Part 1 (MP3 - 4MB)

      Write Source Online Part 2 (MP3 - 4MB)

      Write Source Online Part 3 (MP3 - 4MB)

    • Handbooks

      Grades 4–10

      Inside Writing is a series of structured, self-contained writing units prepares students for the rigors of standardized testing and helps struggling learners master key writing forms and skills.

      Grades 6–8

      The Write on Course Student Handbook is organized into five easy-to-use sections packed with strategies, models, guidelines, and tools students need to succeed in writing.

      All Write helps a broad audience of learners, including intermediate and advanced ESL students, learn the writing process, writing forms, the Six Traits of effective writing, and more.

      Grades 9–10

      Write Ahead delivers comprehensive guidance for beginning high school writers, intermediate and advanced English Language Learners, and other students needing language support.

      Grades 9–12

      Writers INC helps students succeed in writing theses, reports, and other forms of academic writing.

      Grades 11–12

      Write for College is a must-have resource for every college-bound student, and offers solid insight into writing and communicating at the college level.

      The Write for Business CD-ROM includes a searchable version of the book, additional models, interactive lessons and exercises, and Microsoft® Word templates.

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      Grammar Girl

      Grammar Girl

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      Smart Exchange

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      Turnitin OriginalityCheck™ (Grades 6–12) helps you check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism. Click on the button below for instructions on how to set up and use Turnitin with Write Source Online.

      Turnitin Instructions

      How Turnitin Works

    • Available Digital Formats

      HMH eTextbooks

      eTextbooks include all of the content from the print Student Edition. Available for all major devices, additional functionality may include zoom & resize, scroll, text and keyword web search, bookmark, and notes.

      Online Edition

      Online Editions

      Our interactive Online Editions include all of the content of the print textbook, plus ancillary items and interactive elements, such as video and quizzes. With the purchase of Online Student Editions, teachers also have access to all Teacher Resources as well as all Student Resources. Compatible with desktop, laptop, and netbook computers.

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    Review Write Source® by grade level. An evaluation key for each grade is listed below. Click Register Now and include the evaluation key in the registration form provided on the next page.

    Write Source Online Evaluation Key
    Grade 1 NAWS12G01
    Grade 2 NAWS12G02
    Grade 3 NAWS12G03
    Grade 4 NAWS12G04
    Grade 5 NAWS12G05
    Grade 6 NAWS12G06
    Grade 7 NAWS12G07
    Grade 8 NAWS12G08
    Grade 9 NAWS12G09
    Grade 10 NAWS12G10
    Grade 11 NAWS12G11
    Grade 12 NAWS12G12

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