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Calendar Math and More Grades Pre-K–6

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  • Why?
    Every Day Counts

    Highly Engaging and Interactive

    The blend of print and technology helps students visually understand, represent, and learn math in depth.

    Emphasizes Discussion of the Big Ideas in the Common Core

    Engage students in the mathematical practices, and help students build mathematical confidence through rich discussion.

    Wraps Around Any Math Program

    From Pre-K through Algebra the Every Day Counts® family enriches math classes, provides immediate differentiation, builds understanding, and can be flexibly implemented in 10 minutes a day.

    Teacher Support

    Easy-to-use teacher materials build competent and confident math students.

    Proven Success

    Every Day Counts has increased achievement for students in classrooms in all 50 states for over 20 years.

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    • Integrated Technology

      Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

      Engage students, promote discussion, and reinforce concepts with Every Day Counts® Interactive Whiteboard Lessons.

      Build excitement around Calendar Math by incorporating Every Day Counts Interactive Whiteboard Lessons into your teaching. Students will love interacting with math components on the whiteboard. Students will make mathematical connections, and enthusiasm for math will grow by adding this component to the daily routine. The Interactive Whiteboard Lessons can be purchased as an add-on to the print components, or it can be purchased as part of the complete digital kit or hybrid kit.


      Daily Planning Guide for Fostering Effective Discussion

      Daily planning guides are an ideal addition to your Every Day Counts: Calendar Math Kits! Every Day Counts: Calendar Math provides students and teachers with opportunities to experience and discuss math, building conceptual understanding and computational fluency in just 10–15 minutes a day. The Every Day Counts Daily Planning Guide is designed to help teachers implement Every Day Counts: Calendar Math with fidelity and ease by providing discussion questions for each day as well as additional helpful resources.

      Each grade-level Daily Planning Guide includes:

      • Daily Discussion Questions
      • Weekly Planning Charts
      • Benchmark and Monthly Assessments
      • Intervention
      • Helpful Hints
    • Videos

      Watch the videos below to learn more about Every Day Counts®.

    • Every Day Counts Virtual Sampling

      Every Day Counts® transforms mathematics learning and helps students build mathematical fluency to meet standards in just 10-15 minutes a day.  It is the perfect companion to any core math series.

      Every Day Counts provides a focused start, every day, with a sustained pattern of Preview, Review, and Reinforce. The carefully prepared and scaffolded approach to learning and the emphasis on communication help students build their facility with math vocabulary, develop reasoning skills, and become confident and proficient math learners.

      Sample Everyday Counts Now

  • Programs

    The Every Day Counts® family of products develops deep mathematical understanding incrementally in only 10–15 minutes a day. They complement any core Pre-K–8 math program. Every Day Counts programs review and preview concepts, fill student learning gaps, and build student confidence. They also promote computational fluency, reasoning, and conceptual understanding.

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    • Every Day in Pre-K: Math

      Every Day Counts® Every Day in Pre-K: Math is designed to nurture young children's curiosity about mathematics through daily discussions revolving around a variety of elements that focus on different math concepts. It helps preschoolers construct an early understanding of math through continual exposure to key concepts using manipulatives, visual models, and the language of math.


      • Teacher's Guide
      • Ready-to-use Calendar and Supplies
      • Posters
      • Clear Vinyl Pockets
      • Assorted Shape Buttons
      • Blackline Masters

      Every Day Counts

    • Calendar Math

      Every Day Counts®: Calendar Math provides lessons and activities to preview, review, practice, and discuss critical math concepts and skills, build math understanding, and raise test scores in 10–15 minutes each day.


      • Teacher's Edition with a user-friendly design and assessment guidelines
      • Ready-to-use calendar and activity sets to help students see patterns, develop algebraic thinking, and explore math relationships
      • Ongoing Assessment Booklet with daily questions for each element and copymaters for pre, post, and interim tests
      • Daily Planning Guide provides discussion questions for each day as well as additional helpful resources
      Calendar Math
    • Algebra Readiness

      Every Day Counts®: Algebra Readiness extends the Every Day Counts: Calendar Math philosophy using an interactive bulletin board program and provides powerful 10-minute math lessons and classroom discussions on key algebra readiness concepts. The program provides a concise focus on key algebra readiness concepts and skills to build competence:

      • Recognizing patterns to develop algebraic thinking
      • Using visuals models, multiple representations, and computational fluency
      • Developing math communication skills
      • Learning to reason mathematically
      Algebra Readiness
    • Daily Planning Guides

      Daily Planning Guides are an ideal addition to your Every Day Counts: Calendar Math kits.

      The Every Day Counts® Daily Planning Guide is designed to help teachers implement Every Day Counts: Calendar Math with fidelity and ease by providing discussion questions for each day as well as additional helpful resources.

      Discussion questions for every day of the school year encourage meaningful math conversations that create successful problem solvers. Plus, Intervention ideas use Every Day Counts to engage students deeper into the math while providing intervention on key concepts and skills.

      Daily Planning
    • Partner Games

      Partner Games offers 20 simple yet effective games to help students learn, review, and practice key number concepts through fun, hands-on activities.


      • Covers key number concepts, including place value, money, patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals
      • Helps students see math in action through multisensory activities involving manipulatives and visual models
      • Develops students’ mental math and communication skills through meaningful, hands-on activities and constant discussion
      • Offers step-by-step implementation guidelines including assessment strategies, extension activities, and guidelines for differentiating instruction to meet students’ needs
      Partner Games
    • Practice Counts

      Organized by month to follow the elements in Calendar Math, Practice Counts includes daily written practice sets covering everything from arithmetic to geometry, measurement patterns, and problem solving. An effective supplement to any math program, Practice Counts reinforces the skills introduced in Calendar Math to build students’ mathematical fluency.

      Practice Counts
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