Math Expressions

Elementary Mathematics Curriculum K–6

Why Math Expressions?
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  • Why Math Expressions?

    Take an active approach to math instruction and see results!

    Math Expressions is a research-proven curriculum that encourages students to get hands-on with math—exploring, discussing, and demonstrating an understanding of key math concepts. Now for 2018, new digital components and professional support provide teachers with a truly balanced classroom math solution.

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    • Research is the Cornerstone of the Curriculum

      Math Expressions was developed using the methods of learning science design research focused on building students' conceptual understanding of math, interwoven with the other components of math proficiency.

      The program was part of a large-scale study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education* to determine the effectiveness of four elementary math curricula on student academic achievement. The results were clear—Math Expressions students were performing at higher levels of math achievement when compared to students using similar programs.

      Math Expressions Randomized Control Trial—IES Final Report (2010)

      The results of this gold standard RCT, sponsored by the US Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences, found that Math Expressions was more effective than other math programs at Grades 1 and 2.

      Math Expressions Wisconsin Case Studies Compilation (2013)

      See how elementary math students at 15 school districts throughout Wisconsin attained student achievement growth during instruction with Math Expressions from 2006–2011.

      Math Expressions Research Base (2012)

      Summary of the scholarly and academic research and evidence-based approaches that informed the design and pedagogy of the Math Expressions program.


      Meet Program Author, Dr. Karen Fuson

      Karen Fuson

      Math Expressions author, Dr. Karen Fuson, is Professor Emerita of Learning Sciences for the School of Education and Social Policy, as well as the Department of Psychology, at Northwestern University. Dr. Fuson's research is highly regarded in the field of elementary mathematics for her involvement in the Common Core and the Common Core Learning Progressions and notably for spearheading the Children's Math Worlds (CMW) Research Project—a 10-year study of how to effectively teach students math from an early age.

      The CMW Research Project examined how teachers can build conceptual supports, including meaningful language, drawings, manipulatives, and classroom communication methods, to facilitate mathematical competence. The results from this research helped create Math Expressions.

    • What Makes Math Expressions Content Different from the Rest?

      Math Expressions supports requirements for higher-order and critical thinking by including work on all standards for each grade-level.

      With content that focuses on student inquiry, math talk, and modeling of examples with practice, students are able to progress while deepening mastery of grade-level concepts.


      Content is focused on essential learning, the core concepts of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, with big ideas at each grade so that students master content before they progress.


      Program content is organized into meaningful progressions that connect key topics between the grade levels.


      Content is presented for students to gain a deep conceptual understanding, fluency with procedures, and the ability to apply their understanding to solve problems.

    • New Technology Enhances the Learning Experience

      Math Expressions pairs traditional methods of engagement with technology-based features that actively engage students, building their confidence to become proficient problem solvers through conceptual understanding, skills fluency, and subject mastery.

      New digital tools enhance the educational experience and encourage students to take charge of their own learning.

      Personal Math Trainer

      Personal Math Trainer® Powered by Knewton™ provides an online, adaptive assessment and personalized learning system for students.

      • Instantly assign homework, quizzes, and tests with automatic scoring and real-time reporting
      • Optional personal study plans for students using intervention and enrichment Knewton Adaptive Modes
      Personal Math Trainer
      HMH Player

      The HMH Player® app seamlessly merges technology with Math Expressions instruction, broadening the way you will teach and how your students will learn.

      HMH Player
    • More Hands-on, More Interactive, More Accessible

      Through drawings, conceptual language, real-world examples, and integrated digital solutions, Math Expressions helps students make sense of mathematics by developing a foundational approach that serves as a gateway to more complex thinking.

      • Engaging hands-on opportunities build mathematical understanding
      • Build concrete to pictorial relationships using the iPad®
      • Use physical manipulatives (Secret Code Cards and red/yellow counters) in a digital gaming environment
      • Lesson plans and worksheets for using Osmo™ with Math Expressions

      StudyPOP! is a fun and interactive digital charades iOS® app that includes Math Expressions vocabulary words to help students practice and develop mathematical language.

  • Features

    Math Expressions has updated features that deepen students' mathematical understanding and strengthens teachers' content and pedagogical understanding for more effective, efficient, and confident teaching. Technology is used as a tool to motivate learners and provide valuable ongoing real-time data for teachers to differentiate instruction for various learner needs.

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    • Students Solve Problems and Connect with Real-World Concepts

      Program resources provide visual and interactive support that moves the student rapidly towards content knowledge, with fluency practice and application that continues the emphasis on understanding and explanation.

      Having the opportunity to solve problems helps students develop higher-level critical thinking skills. With Math Expressions, problem-solving situations are placed into a meaningful or real-world context, encouraging students to make connections.

      Write-in Consumable Student Activity Book

      This all-in-one student book supports lesson activities with resources that allow students to understand and explain their conclusions, in addition to features like:

      • Unit vocabulary cut-out cards
      • Family letters
      • Assessments
      • Pages to support lesson activities
      • Application problems
      • Paper manipulatives
      • Fluency checks
      • Hard-cover Student Activity Book available at Grades 3–6

      Homework and Remembering Books include daily homework and spiral review.

      Write-in Consumable Student Activity Book

      Online Student Activity Book eBook

      NEW! Online Student Activity Book includes interactive features making instruction more accessible for ALL students.

      • Dynamic audio
      • Answer prompts
      • Drawing tool
      • On demand guided practice
      • Links to lesson-level resources for expanded coverage
      Online Student Activity Book eBook
    • Sense-making is Through Exploration, Math Models, and Math Talk

      With Math Expressions, students represent and explain their solutions with confidence. Students are more engaged and learn more meaningfully through inquiry-based lessons with meaningful math models/drawings and Math Talk.

      Sense-making is Through Exploration, Math Models, and Math Talk

      Meaningful Math Drawings and Math Talk

      Large dry-erase MathBoards and iTools allow students to show their work and use Math Talk to explain and justify their solutions.

      Research-based Visual Models

      Based on Dr. Fuson's research, unique and effective visual models help students make sense of math concepts.

    • Teacher Edition

      The Teacher Edition empowers more meaningful and effective math communication and inquiry-based learning.

      Math Expressions empowers teachers to address the core elements of their instruction, with mathematical practice and learning progressions integrated into every lesson. The inclusion of print and digital components helps teachers to communicate math in a meaningful and practical way.

      The Math Expressions Teacher Edition allows teachers to structure learning paths for students based on their own progressions of learning, with a focus on understanding and fluency.

      Research notes, consistent lesson organization, and differentiated instruction are included for each lesson, all in a learn-while-teaching style.

      Inquiry Learning Path

      The Teacher Edition follows an Inquiry Learning Path, which encourages constructive discussion and includes comprehensive guidance for standards-based instruction in addition to unparalleled teacher support resources. The refreshed lesson design makes it easier to navigate, plan lessons, and differentiate instruction.

      Online Teacher Edition

      The Math Expressions Online Teacher Edition featuring new HTML-5 format works on a variety of devices, including tablets.

      This online version of the print Teacher Edition links to lesson-level projectable resources and offers a view of each student's Student Activity Book eBook responses, professional development, and much more.

    • Learning is Differentiated for All Students

      Math Expressions makes math accessible to all learners. Every lesson includes intervention, on-level, and challenge differentiation to take math from concept to real-world application.

      Math Activity Center for Differentiated Instruction

      Available in print and digital, this is the perfect resource for setting up classroom math centers with:

      • Leveled Activity Cards and Writing Prompts
      • In-depth Inquiry-Based Task Cards
      • Math Readers
      • Game Boards and Online Games
      • Practice, Reteach, and Challenge Worksheets
      • Math Center Planning Guide
    • Assessment Drives Personalized Learning for Success

      Math Expressions combines traditional print delivery with online assessment and adaptive learning through Personal Math Trainer® Powered by Knewton™.

      Formative and summative assessment items mirror state standards and other high-stakes assessments to help students prepare for testing success. A fully balanced assessment system includes multiple choice, short answer, extended response, and performance tasks. Additionally, Getting Ready for High-Stakes Assessment Test Prep materials are available.

      Personal Math Trainer Powered by Knewton

      Personal Math Trainer provides Online Assessment, Differentiation, and Reporting

      • Online assessment, practice, homework, intervention, and enrichment
      • Adaptive capabilities for personalized instruction
      • Tech-enhanced items prepare students for high-stakes online assessments
      • Student supports include Learning Aid and Wrong Answer Feedback
      • Ability to generate a variety of progress reports
    • Exceptional Professional Services and Support

      Every professional learning option offered is explicitly designed to address a variety of teacher needs — whether adopting new classroom resources, implementing new standards of practice, or seeking to ensure students perform well on new assessments.

      By incorporating the best practices of both traditional and standards-based mathematics curricula, Math Expressions strikes the right balance.

      Teachers can download section overviews and detailed instructional content created by teachers from across the country. Data reports can also be shared with students and parents regarding student progress and individual needs.

      Trainer podcast videos, available online and referenced in the Teacher Edition, instill teachers with the confidence needed to lead students through teaching phases and to help them move through their own learning paths.

      Digital Teacher Resources

      Embedded Professional Learning

      Professional Learning features that can be found inside the Teacher Edition include the following:

      Math Talk Community

      Collaborative strategies nurture sense-making. Students share mathematical ideas and problem solving while being prompted to explain, question, justify, and solve.

      Math Talk Community

      Unit Overviews

      Lesson-by-lesson support, with helpful teaching notes to ensure standards coverage and maintain accountability in the classroom.

      Additional Professional Services

      Professional Services resources are available whenever and however support is needed.

      Our comprehensive Professional Learning solutions for leaders, teachers, and families are date- and evidence-driven, mapped to your goals, centered around your students, and delivered by master educators. These tailored, flexible solutions were designed with one goal in mind: to help you more effectively prepare students for college, career, and civic life.

      Start Strong, Finish Strong

      A Getting Started with Math Expressions course will orient you to the program materials and technology, examine the instructional routines, help you support differentiation, and provide effective whole- and small-group instruction.

      Need additional support with technology? Our technical services team can help you plan, prepare, implement, and optimize your technology so you can get the most out of Math Expressions digital tools. We will help to enhance your technology with learning management system interoperability, rostering, and single sign on within your environment.

      Build Capacity, Ensure Success with In-Classroom Support

      Our Professional Learning solutions will provide you with a deeper focus on inquiry-based learning, in-class support to facilitate instructional strategies and routines, and confidence to teach mathematics by focusing on learning progressions, grade-level goals, and fluency.

      You'll get additional support with our Team and Individual Coaching. We'll be there to help you plan your lessons and model how to incorporate instructional strategies that help students master mathematics concepts that prepare them for college and careers.

      • Take part in constructive discussions
      • Invent, question, represent, and explore
      • Develop mathematical fluency
    • Program Components

      Make Math Expressions your math curriculum and get the results you need to prepare your students and teachers for success!

      Core Print

      • Teacher Edition
      • Student Activity Book
      • Student Hardcover Book & Companion Workbook (Grades 3–6 only)
      • Homework and Remembering Book
      • Assessment Guide

      Ready-Made Classroom Resources

      • Math Activity Center
      • MathBoards
      • Individual Manipulatives Kit
      • Manipulatives and Materials Kit
      • Custom Manipulatives Kit
      • Teacher Modeling Kit
      • Teacher Resource Book
      • Literature Library Collection
      • Anno's Counting Big Book (Grade K only)

      Digital Resources

      • Online Teacher Edition
      • Online Student Activity Book
      • Online Math Activity Center
      • Online Daily Routines (Grades K–2 only)
      • iTools (Virtual Manipulatives)
      • e-Glossary
      • Professional Development Videos
      • Personal Math Trainer® Powered by Knewton™
      • Interactive Response to Intervention (RtI)
      • HMH Player® App
      • Osmo™ (Grades K–4 only)
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    Test Drive Math Expressions© 2018 for your Classroom

    With the Math Expressions online preview, you'll get a sneak peek into what's new, including digital resources like Personal Math Trainer® Powered by Knewton™, professional development videos, along with the Teacher Edition, Student Activity Book, and more. Request yours today!

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