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Environmental Science Homeschool Package Grades 9–12

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  • Why?
    Why Environmental Science?

    Developed Specifically for High School Students

    This comprehensive program offers a wealth of print and digital resources to help you meet the needs of high school learners with varied interests and learning abilities.

    Updated Content and Case Studies

    The updated content provides a balanced approach to environmental topics, including ecology, Earth science, health, and policy issues. Enhanced case studies based on current scientific news stories help you teach concepts while making environmental science relevant to your students. They also develop critical-thinking skills and promote hands-on problem solving.

    Full-Featured Teacher Edition

    This program offers all the support and strategies you’ll need to match your students' learning styles and abilities. A wealth of activities, teaching resources, and exciting features will ignite discussion and critical thinking.

    Widest Array of Labs

    Inquiry is the key to understanding science and building critical-thinking skills. Environmental Science offers the largest and most diverse lab and lab support program available for promoting hands-on exploration and application.

    Engaging Online Resources

    Go Green to expand learning and involvement outside of school hours! The Interactive Online Edition helps students reduce their carbon footprint by providing 24/7 access to all program resources, including EcoZine— an interactive magazine.

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    • Preview

      Engaging and timely, Holt McDougal Environmental Science © 2013 is specifically designed to appeal to high school students with varied interests and learning abilities. The Student Edition combines current motivating content, clear navigation features, and compelling graphics to help today's students visualize and apply key concepts. An Online Interactive Edition puts all of the program's dynamic teaching and learning resources at your fingertips 24/7.

    • Author

      Meet our featured author of Environmental Science.

  • Features

    Available in print and online, Holt McDougal Environmental Science © 2013 offers both students and teachers anytime, anywhere access to a full range of motivating and supportive features.

    Environmental Science How Ecosystems Work

    Homeschool Components

    HMH supports homeschooling with curricula, supplements and books to guarantee the diverse and accredited education that your child deserves.

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    Environmental Science Data Labs

    Labs and Data Analysis

    From Virtual Labs and Investigations to Online Data Analysis Practice, Holt McDougal Environmental Science components make it easy for homeschool students to gain the experience they need to succeed.

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    Environmental Science Tools

    Assessment Tools

    Environmental Science offers an array of assessment tools for tracking student progress.

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    • Homeschool Package Components
      Environmental Science Homeschool

      The Environmental Science Homeschool Package consists of a Student Edition and the Interactive Online Edition.

      The Student Edition

      • Case Studies and EcoFacts engage students.
      • Maps in Action and Society and the Environment provide real-world connections.
      • Exploration Labs, Inquiry Labs, and QuickLabs offer a range of hands-on learning opportunities.
      • 685 pages

      Interactive Online Teacher and Student Editions

      Features include:

      • Critical Thinking, Active Reading, and Map Skills Worksheets
      • Field Studies, STEM Labs, Probeware Labs, Data Analysis, Environmental Enginerring, Observation Labs, and Simulation
      • EcoZine, FoldNotes, SmartGrapher, Virtual Investigations, and Interactive Concept Maps
      • Online Assessments
    • Reading and Vocabulary

      Students using Holt McDougal Environmental Science © 2013 will get the most out of their reading with point-of-use resources that help build critical reading skills and comprehension.

      enhanced eBook

      Enhanced eBook

      This online version of the Student Edition, accessed via the Book Pages tab on hmdscience.com, enables students to access all the textbook pages on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. A separate tab offers access to the Study Guide, audio, and Key Terms definitions, and the Tools menu provides point-of-use access to the Smart Grapher, Periodic Table, full Glossary, FoldNotes, and other interactive features. Additional motivating functionality includes bookmarking, highlighting, note taking, and keyword searches.

      editable worksheets

      Editable Worksheets

      Environmental Science offers a variety of editable worksheets that support the development of critical reading skills and comprehension. Active Reading Worksheets, Study Guide, and Critical Thinking worksheets all provide valuable practice and reinforcement.

      teaching visuals

      Teaching Visuals

      More than 200 digital illustrations and diagrams (many from the textbook) support and enhance whole-class instruction.



      Ten reading study tools featured in the Appendix of the Student Edition (and in the Teacher Edition wrap) are also demonstrated online in step-by-step animated instructions to help students organize concepts and review main ideas.

      interactive concept maps

      Interactive Concept Maps

      Available for every chapter, these interactive graphic organizers show the relationships among concepts and help students develop logical thinking and study skills.

    • Differentiated Instruction
      english audio files

      Audio Files in English

      The entire Student Edition has been professionally recorded and is available online at point of use to help bolster comprehension. Downloadable to MP3 players.

      map skills worsheet

      Map Skills Worksheets

      Worksheets designed to improve student map-reading and interpretation skills are ideal for in-class activities or as homework assignments.



      This interactive online magazine gives students access to current information from the community and the world, updated regularly with live news feeds and feature articles.

    • Labs and Data Analysis

      Because inquiry is the cornerstone of understanding science concepts, Environmental Science offers the widest array of labs available in a high school program to promote hands-on exploration and application.

      Hands-on Labs and Activities

      Throughout Environmental Science, teachers will find a variety of online labs to ensure you have just the right lab for your students. All labs include Teacher Notes, and are available in an editable format.


      Labs types include:

      • Quick Labs: Minilabs that reinforce key concepts with simple, everyday materials and minimal planning
      • Open Inquiry: Student-developed labs that encourage students to perform their own procedure to solve a problem, often using a real-life example
      • Field Studies: Hands-on environment-focused activities referenced in each chapter and located in Student Resources at the back of the Student Edition
      • Exploration Labs: Exercises prompt students to explore a situation or phenomenon to improve their understanding of a new concept, and then produce a written analysis.
      • STEM Labs: 60 hands-on labs designed to bring the application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into your classroom. Each problem-based lab emphasizes inquiry and the engineering design process.
      multimedia activities and resources

      Virtual Investigations

      21 multimedia lessons, each approximately 30 minutes in length, combine engaging presentations, interactive activities, and simulated scientific investigations to reinforce students’ understanding of environmental science and science skills while strengthening inquiry and lab skills.


      Smart Grapher

      The Smart Grapher is a powerful, easy-to-use graphing tool that students can use to create a variety of graphs using their own data—line graphs, circle graphs, and more. You can use it as a stepping-stone before exposing your students to more complex or sophisticated graphing tools.

    • Worksheets

      Provide Practice and Extend Learning

      For every chapter in Environmental Science, students will have access to study guide worksheets, datasheets for all the program labs, and a variety of worksheets designed to strengthen reading and science skills.

      active reading worksheets

      Active Reading Worksheets

      Editable skills worksheets for every section help students learn to analyze text passages to build comprehension. The following skills are emphasized: recognizing cause and effect, sequencing, recognizing similarities and differences, and organizing information. Assign the worksheets as homework, use them to assess reading skills in struggling readers, or help advanced students practice for standardized tests.

      critical thinking

      Critical Thinking

      On these editable worksheets, students use cognitive skills to draw well-reasoned conclusions. Critical-thinking skills covered include distinguishing between fact and opinion; identifying bias; identifying fallacies in logic; judging the authenticity, worth, or accuracy of a position or claim; and synthesizing and evaluating information from various sources.

      map skills worsheet

      Map Skills Worksheets

      Worksheets designed to improve student map-reading and interpretation skills are ideal for in-class activities or as homework assignments.

      study guide worksheet

      Study Guide

      Editable skills worksheets help ensure that students understand the key terms and main concepts in each chapter. These can be assigned for homework or used as an in-class review in preparation for the Chapter Test.  Also available in the print Study Guide and online in Spanish.



      Downloadable labs include QuickLabs, Field Studies, Inquiry, STEM, and Exploration Labs.

    • Assessment Tools

      The Perfect Balance for High School Environmental Science

      The comprehensive assessment options located in the Interactive Online Edition bring together all of the Environmental Science assessment tools into one convenient place, giving you many choices on the best way to assess student learning.

      ExamView® Banks

      Exam View

      All chapter and section quizzes are available in these banks online in the Interactive Online Edition and can be customized.

      Section Quizzes

      Use this quick comprehension check to guide your reteaching options.

      Online Section Self-Quizzes

      Eight to ten questions for each section provide immediate feedback for students.

      Leveled Chapter Tests

      Each chapter has two tests—for general and advanced levels—which can be edited directly or customized in ExamView.

      Online Assessment and Remediation

      For teachers who prefer to deliver online testing with automatic scoring, this option offers a 20-item multiple choice test for every chapter, different from the tests available in ExamView.

  • Additional Resources

    Table of Contents

    The Table of Contents is available so you can see how Holt McDougal Environmental Science meets your curriculum needs.

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