Crow Smarts: Inside the Brain of the World's Brightest Bird

by Pamela S. Turner, Andy Comins

In the newest addition to the ever-popular and authoritative nonfiction Scientists in the Field series, the team behind The Frog Scientist take you on a research trip to New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean to follow crows in aviaries and in the wild while answering many thought-provoking questions like: "Can a crow outsmart a scientist?" Remarkably engaging narrative nonfiction coupled with beautiful photographs, this is a trip you won't regret booking!

  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN-13/ EAN: 9780544416192
  • ISBN-10: 0544416198
  • Pages: 80
  • Publication Date: 08/02/2016
  • Carton Quantity: 20

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  • About the Book
    One of the biggest differences between humans and animals is the ability to understand the idea of “If I do X, Y might happen.” New Caledonian crows seem to possess the intelligence to understand this “causal” concept. Why do crows have this ability? What does the crow know and what does it tell us about brain size, the evolution of intelligence, and just who is the smartest creature on the planet? In the latest addition to the Scientists in the Field series, the creators of The Frog Scientist take us to a beautiful Pacific island, where a lively cast of both crows and scientists is waiting to amuse and enlighten us. 



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    Horn Book Fanfare: Best Books of 2016 

    Nonfiction Detectives: Best of 2016 

    Nerdy Book Club Nerdies 2016 Longford Nonfiction 


    * "Turner’s friendly, sometimes joking tone effortlessly moves from amusing accounts of crow antics to sophisticated explanations of crow and human evolution. Comins’s arresting photographs of the sleek black birds in the island landscapes of New Caledonia highlight their personalities and intelligence." 

    —Horn Book, STARRED review 


    * "Required reading for anyone who believes that we are the only, or even the most, sapient species on the planet. Highly recommended for STEM and animal collections." 

    —School Library Journal, STARRED review 


    "...[Crow Smarts] also pulls together a wide variety of research on crow behaviors and weaves it seamlessly into the narrative. Detailed sidebars and lively photographs of shiny, bright-eyed crows break up the text while adding interest, and illustrated explanations of crow behavior are illuminating." 



    "With an approachable writing style and photos of crows festooning almost every page, this engaging volume with attract budding scientists, and the lively descriptions not only of the crows but of the scientists at work will give students plenty to ponder." 


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