Mike Mulligan y su máquina maravillosa

by Virginia Lee Burton

A modern classic that no child should miss. Since it was first published in 1939, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel has delighted generations of children. Mike and his trusty steam shovel, Mary Anne, dig deep canals for boats to travel through, cut mountain passes for trains, and hollow out cellars for city skyscrapers -- the very symbol of industrial America. But with progress come new machines, and soon the inseparable duo are out of work. Mike believes that Mary Anne can dig as much in a day as one hundred men can dig in a week, and the two have one last chance to prove it and save Mary Anne from the scrap heap. What happens next in the small town of Popperville is a testament to their friendship, and to old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity.

  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13/ EAN: 9780395861349
  • ISBN-10: 0395861349
  • Pages: 48
  • Publication Date: 10/30/1997
  • Carton Quantity: 50
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    Un clásico moderno que ningún niño debe perderse. Desde que fue publicado en 1939, Mike Mulligan y su máquina maravillosa ha deleitado a generaciones de niños. Mike y su confiable excavadora de vapor, Mary Anne, excavan profundos canales para que viajen los barcos, cortan montañas para que pasen los trenes y vacían sótanos para los rascacielos citadinos —el símbolo mismo de la América industrial—. Pero con el progreso llegan nuevas máquinas y pronto el dúo inseparable se queda sin trabajo. Mike cree que Mary Anne puede excavar en un día lo mismo que pueden excavar cien hombres en una semana y ambos tienen una última oportunidad para probarlo y salvar a Mary Anne del desguace. Lo que sigue en el pequeño pueblo de Popperville es un testimonio a su amistad y al viejo trabajo duro y la ingenuidad. 


    A modern classic now available in Spanish. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel is the story of a steam-shovel operator and his steam shovel - the beguiling Mary Anne - which he would not desert, even though competition from gas and diesel-motored shovels was ruining him. The solution to Mike's problem is classic in its simplicity. Under pressure to show Mary Anne at her best, Mike digs the foundation for the town hall of Popperville and in his haste forgets to leave a way for Mary Anne to get out! The ingenious townspeople suggest that Mary Anne be remodeled into a furnace and Mike be retained to keep her heart and boiler warm. This is a classic story of the old being replaced by the new and the nostalgia often felt for archaic things. Mary Anne and Mike are a team to be admired, and now their tale can be enjoyed and shared by Spanish- and English-speaking children alike.
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    "This is fun both in its text and gray crayon drawings. Mike Mulligan remains faithful to his steam shovel Mary Anne, against the threat of the new gas and diesel-engine contraptions, and digs his way to a surprising and happy ending." The New Yorker

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