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HMH Partnerships: Joining a World-Class Organization

Who We Are

HMH® is a global leader in learning, providing content and services to millions of students, teachers, and parents worldwide. We leverage the power of innovation and interoperability, creating dynamic solutions that better serve our mutual customers. Partner with us today and gain access to an unparalleled network of resources to help your business grow.

Why Partner with Us?

A partnership with HMH provides infrastructural support to expand your business capabilities.

Who Are the HMH Partners?

HMH partners with a wide range of education companies, from software vendors and enterprise solution providers to system integrators and OEMs. Wondering where you fit? Select the category below that best suits your organization to learn more.

Software Vendors and Developers

Come innovate with HMH! Our Software Vendor Partners have digital education applications that can connect with HMH APIs to expand functionality and improve customer experience. Software Vendor Partners can also distribute directly to HMH end users through HMH Marketplace.

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Enterprise Solutions

HMH Enterprise Solution Partners supply digital platform and content-delivery solutions that support access and delivery of HMH’s world-class digital content and applications. Working with IMS Standards like Common Cartridge®, QTI®, LTI®, and our proprietary APIs, HMH provides partners with several interoperability options, improving product and user experience.

Solutions Integrators

HMH Education Solutions Integrators are global companies that provide a wide array of educational software, hardware, and service solutions to schools and learners. HMH OEM Partners bring together edtech devices and other original manufactured equipment with our industry-leading content and applications.


HMH partners with a wide range of companies focused on K–12 education, both domestically and internationally.