South Carolina Grade 2 Gifted and Talented Assessment Program

South Carolina Board of Education Regulation 42-220 requires the administration of assessments measuring cognitive, academic and/or artistic abilities to identify students for district gifted and talented programs.

For fall 2017, South Carolina’s Grade 2 students will take Form F, Level 7 of the Iowa Assessments™ (IA) and Form 7, Level 8 of the Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®) for this purpose.

The following CogAT tests are required:

Verbal Battery

Quantitative Battery

Nonverbal Battery

Picture Analogies*

Number Analogies*

Figure Matrices*

Sentence Completion*

Number Puzzles*

Paper Folding*

Picture Classification*

Number Series*

Figure Classification*

*All nine tests are combined to obtain a Composite Aptitude score.

The following IA Core Battery tests are required:



Picture Stories*

Mathematics: Part 1**

Reading Part 1: Sentences*

Mathematics: Part 2**

Reading Part 2: Stories*

*All three reading subtests need to be completed to receive a total Reading score.
**Mathematics (Parts 1 and 2) need to be completed to receive a Total Math score.

Optional Tests for IA Form F, Level 7 Core Battery

  • Vocabulary
  • Word Analysis
  • Listening
  • Language
  • Math Computation

Based on the results from the norm-referenced tests, a secondary screening using a performance assessment may be required for possible candidates (SC Performance Tasks Assessments).


We invite you to view the South Carolina Grade Two Gifted & Talented Fall 2017 Pretest Workshop Webinar and Winter 2017 Post-Administration Workshop webinar. 

Make-Up Testing

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