Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® offers K–12 Math programs that meet the rigor of the South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards for Mathematics by emphasizing the rich problem solving, application, and higher-level thinking skills that will prepare students for their intended career paths or further education in post-secondary education.

Algebra 1 ACE TE

HMH Foundations in Algebra

Designed specifically for South Carolina to prepare students for college and career readiness. Students are expected to apply mathematics in meaningful ways to solve problems that arise in the workplace, society, and everyday life.

HMH Intermediate Algebra

Built on the conceptual knowledge and skills that students mastered in Foundations in Algebra, as well as in earlier grades in areas such as algebraic thinking, statistics, data analysis, and proportional reasoning.


Foundations in Algebra covers key concepts including: populations and samples, making inferences from a random sample, generating random samples, probability, experimental probability and simple events, using probability to make fair decisions, weighted averages and expected values. Intermediate Algebra includes special lessons on quadratic equations, rational expressions, and the binomial theorem.

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Intermediate (255 KB)


Osmo Game System

Osmo™ is a unique and award winning, educational, gaming system for iPad® (version 2 or higher) that comes with a variety of activities. The newly released Numbers game can be used with two signature HMH® math programs—GO Math! ® and Math Expressions —to provide students with engaging activities for additional practice and fluency building.

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