Concepts and Skills

Middle and High School Math Curriculum Grades 8–12

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  • Why?

    Builds a Solid Foundation in the Fundamentals of the Algebras and Geometry

    Each course focuses the most critical content for that course. Built-in learning support helps students master concepts one at a time. The texts include visual learning strategies, easy-to-follow examples, scaffolded exercises and help notes for homework, vocabulary, and relevant problem solving. This series also enables sensible pacing for students The Concepts and Skills series is organized with a manageable number of chapters . Chapters include a manageable number of lessons . Lessons include carefully paced examples, with concepts delivered in smaller chunks. Scaffolded practice of skills and problem solving gradually increases in complexity. The clean, predictable design sets up students for success!

    Features an Accessible Approach to Instructional Design

    The Pupil’s Editions provide lessons that focus on a single goal and integrates Concept Activities and Technology Activities to help students develop understanding of important content. Lessons are developed through a variety of examples that model thorough explanation of concepts and procedures. Additionally, interesting applications help students understand the importance of geometry in their world. The Activity Generator includes editable investigations for every lesson. The On Core resources provide additional Common Core Standards based investigations. It also includes a strong student help strand. The Concepts and Skills series provides support for prerequisite skills. Each Chapter Study Guide includes a diagnostic test and relates lessons in the Basic Skills Handbook. The @HomeTutors include full lessons and practice for prerequisite skills. There is also strong support for students throughout lessons. Helpful margin notes include Study Tips and Reading and Vocabulary Tips. Checkpoint Exercises follow examples and provide formative assessment through the lessons. Exercise sets are correlated to examples making for easy reference. The texts also include ongoing skill maintenance with integrated algebra and arithmetic review. Brain Games, Puzzlers, and You Be the Judge questions help students earn math in fun and motivating ways.

    Focuses on Mastery with Abundant Practice

    Numerous exercises reinforce concepts and ensure that your students are ready for assessment success. Practice problems gradually increase in difficulty. Guided Practice focuses on vocabulary, concepts, and skills. The Practice and Applications sections include skill work and problem solving. A strong Visualize It! strand flows through each lesson in Geometry. Standardized Test Preparation, Challenge exercises, and Mixed Review is included in every lesson. Additional practice is available in the Chapter Resources, on the @HomeTutors, and through the On Core Deluxe 6–12 ExamView® Test Generator.

    Provides Flexibility for Teachers

    A variety of teaching tools and the differentiated presentation of material help meet the needs of struggling learners. Teaching notes and management tips are included in the teacher’s material. The Teacher’s Edition includes student edition pages with overprinted answers. Chapter Planning Pages provide Math Background Notes, Universal Access teaching strategies, and Planning, Pacing, and Assignment support. Lesson side column notes include Warm-Up Exercises, Essential Questions, Key Questions to Ask for Examples, Leveled Assignment Guides, Quick Homework Checks, Daily Homework Quizzes, and Differentiated Instruction strategies.

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      Concepts and Skills helps you reach all students with a variety of conceptual activities, leveled resources and technology tools for Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. Preview this leading-edge math program below.


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    • Authors

      Meet the team that’s made Concepts & Skills Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 the most up-to-date and relevant math program focused specifically on meeting the needs of students and teacher while preparing your students for graduation.

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  • Features

    The Concepts and Skills series is designed to meet the needs of struggling learners by providing an accessible approach to content that helps support students as they study algebra, geometry, and advanced algebra. With Concept and Skills, students cover all the important topics they need to be successful in high school mathematics courses. The Concepts and Skills series is also ideal for use as a companion text in alternate courses, such as second hour support classes or credit recovery courses. The series design:

    • Engages students in active learning
    • Builds confidence with easy-to-follow examples
    • Supports a variety of learning styles with built-in help
    • Integrates assessment and test preparation with instruction.

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    • Student and Teacher Editions

      This program makes the algebras and geometry understandable to all students through instructional diagrams and many graphics. Investigations, activities and numerous examples also enhance the learning environment. The Teacher’s Edition includes teaching ideas, leveled pacing, assignment guides and reteaching suggestions. There are also resources available to make the texts viable for a two year course, including diagnostic chapter and end of course tests with review and practice. The student editions and Teacher’s Editions are also available in fully functional online and DVD-ROM editions.

    • Note-taking Support

      The Notetaking Guide provides students with a framework for reading each lesson’s key concepts and helps the student to prepare for tests with guidelines for recording the key concepts for each lesson. The Notetaking Guide Teacher’s Edition provides pages with annotated answers that are useful for assessing student study skills as well as providing valuable handouts for students who have been absent from class. Transparencies of the Notetaking Guide are available for teachers to demonstrate notetaking strategies as students take notes at their own pace.

    • Practice and Assessment

      Consumable workbooks are available to provide students with more practice, for every lesson. The Chapter Resource Books provide three levels of practice worksheets (A, B, C) and a Challenge Worksheet for each lesson. These Resource Books also contain Study Guides, Cumulative Reviews and much more! There is a Remediation Book that contains practice based on students’ progress on diagnostic and benchmark assessments. Practice can also be found in the Notetaking Guides.

      The ExamView® Assessment Suite CD-Rom, enables you to create customizable tests and practice worksheets that can be printed or posted online to your own network.

    • Online Learners

      Concepts and Skills offers a fully functional online book as well as a DVD version of the textbook. The DVD version is a convenient and versatile way for students to access all of the programs core content. The online version of Concepts & Skills allows students to explore mathematical concepts through interactive features.

      Students can also access and all of the online resources there. is a complete companion website that features real-world and career links, as well as homework help with examples and problem-solving tips. An EasyPlanner DVD is available with all of the print resources included on an easy to access DVD. The Activity Generator DVD helps you guide your students from the concrete to the abstract with easily customized, leveled hands-on activities. The @Home Tutor helps students master skills and concepts through animated examples and instruction, self-scoring exercises and personalized progress reports.

      The only choice when your student must pass algebra 1, geometry or algebra 2!

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