World Geography Homeschool

Geography Package for Homeschool Grades 6–8

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  • Why?

    Exclusive Partnership with HISTORY®

    Why World Geography Homeschool

    Together, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and HISTORY® are creating a new arena in the classroom—and an opportunity for students to relive, reflect, and re-imagine the people, places, events, and decisions that have made us who we are today.

    Support with Document-based Instruction, Skill-building, and Rigor

    It is more important than ever to have a social studies program that contains the rigor required to build skills and support document-based instruction. World Geography exposes students to a wealth of primary sources and develops critical skills while analyzing a variety of perspectives and investigating key geographical topics.

    Engage Students with Accessible Social Studies Content

    From reading support to differentiated instruction, World Geography is filled with a variety of student-friendly features designed to enhance the learning experience. With this support, every student can understand the relationship between people and places.

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    • Preview

      Experience World Geography Today!

      World Geography integrates HISTORY® multimedia to ensure students learn the essential elements and themes of world geography. Explore how this program engages students.

    • Scope and Sequence

      Preview the skills taught throughout each unit and chapter.

      Grades K–12 (7.9MB)

      Grades 6–12 (5.8MB)

    • Author

      Meet the author that has made World Geography one of the best-selling middle school programs on the market.

  • Features

    Meeting the needs of all learners is no easy task. This is why Houghton Mifflin Harcourt™ created World Geography. Designed to engage students with the narrative while integrating rich multimedia assets, the program brings content to life for students and enriches their understanding.

    Feature Female Student

    Homeschool Components

    HMH® supports homeschooling with curricula, supplements and books to guarantee the diverse and accredited education that your child deserves.

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    Feature Skill Development

    Comprehensive Skill Development

    World Geography develops students’ comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and analysis skills throughout the text.

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    Feature Differentiating

    Differentiated Instruction

    World Geography provides a variety of teaching strategies and activities designed to reach all learners. The Teacher’s Edition and ancillary materials fully support differentiated instruction.

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    • Homeschool Package Components

      World Geography Homeschool Package consists of a Student Edition and an Interactive Online Edition.

      The Student Edition includes:

      • Standards-based content and engaging features
      • Case Study—Geography and History
      • Colorful and easy-to-read maps and graphics

      The Interactive Online Edition includes:

      • Interactive Online Student Edition and Online Teacher Edition
      • Embedded audio at point-of-use and TextHelp
      • HISTORY® videos and games related to biographies and features at point-of-use
      • Multimedia Connections, Animated Geography, Holt World Atlas, Worldster
      • Essential Question podcast for every chapter
      • eActivities, section audio, and a multitude of student resources
      • Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers, NoteTaking Wizard, and Writing Models
      • Online Assessments
      • Teacher Resources
    • Reading Support and Accessibility

      In World Geography, reading support works seamlessly with the content, preparing students to learn with focused success.

      What You Will Learn...

      What You Will Learn... at the beginning of each section provides students with the Big Idea, Main Ideas, Key Terms and People, and Taking Notes features.

      If You Lived There

      If You Lived There features introduce each section with a provocative question and are designed to make the study of world geography, culture, and history relevant to students.

      Main Ideas

      Main Ideas set the purpose for reading and are connected to the section subheadings.

      Key Terms

      Key Terms are highlighted and defined in context. Academic Vocabulary terms (important cross-content words that students should understand) are defined at point-of-use in the margin.

      Reading Checks

      Reading Checks enable students to monitor their comprehension.

      Section Assessments

      Section Assessments provide scaffolded questions based on Bloom’s taxonomy.


      Close-up features allow students to see how people live and what places look like by taking a close-up view of geography.

      Reading Social Studies

      Reading Social Studies by Kylene Beers helps students in every social studies course develop content-area reading skills. It includes reading-skill practice, think-aloud strategies, graphic organizers, and practice skill lessons for world history, geography, U.S. history, and civics.

      Guided Reading Workbook

      Guided Reading Workbook (English and Spanish/English) helps all students understand and master the content using a visual summary and critical-thinking questions to organize chapter content; section-by-section note-taking to master main ideas; and challenge activities to extend concept learning.

    • Comprehensive Skill Development

      Social Studies Skills

      Social Studies Skills lessons develop students’ analysis, critical thinking, and study skills, preparing them to understand geography and to form opinions.

      Geography and History

      Geography and History features explore the connection between the world’s places and the past.


      Biographies focus on historically significant people related to the content.

      Connecting To...

      Connecting To... explores the connections between geography and other subjects.

      Case Study

      Case Study features take a detailed look at important topics in geography.

      Graphs, Charts, and Quick Facts

      Graphs, Charts, and Quick Facts convey content concisely and foster analysis skills.

      Map Zone

      Map Zone analysis on Maps and Interactive Maps promotes students’ geographic literacy and map skills.

      Focus on Culture

      Focus on Culture encourages students to learn about some of the world’s fascinating cultures.

      Focus on Writing, Speaking, Viewing

      Focus on Writing, Speaking, Viewing use writing, viewing, and speaking skills to reflect on the world and its people.


      Literature features provide students with opportunities to learn about the world’s geography through literature.

      Geography, Science, and Culture Activities

      Geography, Science, and Culture Activities include transparencies and print materials that provide motivating, hands-on activities and instructions for teacher-led demonstrations. A rubric for experiments and an observation checklist are included.

      Thinking About Content Reading

      Thinking About Content Reading helps students develop content-area reading skills in every social studies course using the think-aloud strategy and graphic organizers.

    • Differentiated Instruction

      The Differentiated Instruction Teacher Planning Guide

      The Differentiated Instruction Teacher Planning Guide at the beginning of each chapter targets program resources to address the needs of struggling or reluctant readers, English language learners, special education students, and advanced/GATE students.

      Online Teacher's Edition

      The Teacher’s Edition provides point-of-use Differentiating Instruction activities for English language learners, special education students, learners having difficulty with the content, and advanced learners.

      All activities in the Teacher’s Edition wrap are labeled Below-, At-, or Above-level as well as Standard English Mastery where appropriate. Activities are also labeled with appropriate learning styles.

      The Teacher’s Edition includes Teach the Big Idea, an instructional plan in the wrap that serves as a Minimum Course of Study when teachers are pressed for time.

      Guided Reading Workbook

      Guided Reading Workbook (English and Spanish/English) helps all students understand and master the content using a visual summary and critical-thinking questions to organize chapter content; section-by-section note-taking to master main ideas; and challenge activities to extend concept learning.

      English Language Learner Strategies and Activities

      English Language Learner Strategies and Activities by Julie Chan provides support for social studies teachers who have English language learners in their classrooms. The activities and strategies have been designed to be used with English language learners at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced proficiency levels. It includes Skill Building Activities, Social Studies Theme Activities, and Graphic Organizers.

      Differentiated Instruction Teacher Management System

      Differentiated Instruction Teacher Management System provides a wide variety of resources and instructional strategies to meet the needs of all learners. The package includes Benchmarking Guides, Section Lesson Plans, Lesson Plans for Differentiated Instruction, Interactive Reader and Study Guide Teacher’s Guide, and Answer Key.

    • Document-Based Instruction

      What does it mean to read like a historian? World Geography teaches students to analyze written documents, photographs, political cartoons, documents, art, and more. By engaging students, the program motivates them to learn with a variety of primary sources to bring content to life.

      Primary Sources

      Primary Sources relive history through eyewitness accounts, literature, and documents.

      Experiencing World History and Geography

      Experiencing World History and Geography involves students in their learning with interactive, collaborative activities featuring biographies.

      Document-Based Questions Activities

      World History and Geography Document-Based Questions Activities reinforce and extend the curriculum contained in the Student Edition. To understand the world around them, students analyze information from a document-based perspective.

      Library of Primary Sources

      World History Library of Primary Sources, provided within the Interactive Online Edition, includes famous documents, speeches, letters, personal accounts, and literary excerpts.

    • Interactive Online Editions

      When is a book not a book? When it’s an Online Edition! Our online programs contain the same Student Edition that you find in print, but with a host of additional resources and features.


      TextHelp is a text-to-speech feature that allows for a section of the text to be read aloud at either slow, medium, or fast speeds. Students can also select a word to be translated into Spanish.

      Multimedia Connections

      Multimedia Connections, developed in partnership with HISTORY®, provide in-depth coverage of key concepts and people brought to life in the Online Edition with interactive features, primary source documents, and engaging activities.

      HISTORY® Videos

      High-quality bellringer HISTORY® videos are included with each chapter opener and indicated at point-of-use with various biographies and features. Where applicable, we’ve included links to the full-length videos as well.

      Essential Question Podcasts

      The Essential Question at the beginning of each chapter engages students by connecting people, places, and events and by setting a main purpose for reading. World Geography takes it one step further with Essential Question Podcasts that go into greater detail, providing additional support for all learners and continuing to set them up for success.

      Current Events Website enriches your classroom with subject-specific information from world history, world geography, American history, economics, psychology, sociology, civics, government, and African American history. It also spotlights today’s headlines with blogs, quizzes, activities, and web links.

      Additional Student Resources

      Students find chapter and section resources here, including reading support, enrichment activities, skill development activities, and section and chapter review assessment.

      Additional Teacher Resources

      Everything teachers need to plan, present, and assess is available online through the Teacher Resources section of the Online Edition, as well as the Teacher One Stop™. Teachers will find the Interactive Teacher’s Edition, ExamView® Test Generator, enrichment activities, assessments, answer keys, and much more.

    • Trade Libraries

      Trade Libraries

      Award-winning titles for content-area reading!

      These social studies trade book libraries provide engaging, award-winning trade books to help students build content-area reading skills and learn more about key social studies topics. Use them to introduce content-area concepts, for additional background, or for independent reading.

      Recommended by the National Council of Social Studies

      Premier Collections include selected popular, award-winning, and classic titles that endure year after year, such as Caldecott® Honor books, Newbery® winners, and other best-selling classics like Johnny Tremain, Jubilee, and Castle.

      NCSS Recommended Collections include notable social studies trade books for young people as selected by the Book Review Committee of the National Council for Social Studies.

      Multicultural Collections highlight the diversity of the American experience through the stories of individuals. Through these collections, students will learn about the rich and diverse experiences of African Americans, Latinos, women, and others—and gain insight into the cultures from which the authors came.

      Curriculum Collections supplement common courses in secondary social studies with engaging trade titles that bring social studies to life. Course collections include U.S. history, world history, and world regions/world geography.

      Caldecott® and Newbery® are registered trademarks of the American Library Association.

  • Additional Resources

    Explore Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s social studies resources that further develop students’ comprehension skills.

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt & HISTORY® Partnership Website

    Updated monthly, you will find valuable resources you can incorporate into your classroom, such as teacher’s guides to relevant HISTORY® show airings and related links. Also, you can explore all of the products and sponsorships that link HMH & HISTORY® together, including the brand new Custom Solutions service. Come here often to take advantage of what this site has to offer.

    Current Events Website enriches your classroom with subject-specific information from world history, world geography, American history, economics, psychology, sociology, civics, government, and African American history. It also spotlights today’s headlines with blogs, quizzes, activities, and web links.

    Table of Contents

    Download World Geography Table of Contents to see how the program meets your curriculum needs.

    Table of Contents (1.3 MB)

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