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Case Study 1: Public School System

A major public school system in the U.S. was looking for a complete reform program to improve academic performance within its schools. HMH created a partnership with the public school system to provide a full suite of curriculum resources, digital integration, formative assessments, data management, professional development and project management. As well as focusing on improved academic performance the partnership program has also delivered a 33% cost saving to the district.

Country: United States

Case Study 2: Standards of Teachers

The Department of Education in Puerto Rico wanted to address the standards of teachers in its schools system as part of a continual improvement process. As part of that process, they wanted to raise the level of technological proficiency among its teacher population. HMH entered into an ongoing program with the Department of Education in Puerto Rico to provide Teacher Training and Professional Development (including technology usage in the classroom) to approximately 10,000 teachers. To achieve this, HMH established a local office in Puerto Rico with over 100 Professional Development Consultants.

Location: Puerto Rico

Case Study 3: Teacher Training Program

The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), an agency under the direction of the Ministry of Education in Thailand, wanted to create a cutting-edge teacher training program in science and math. In partnership with the IPST, HMH created a training program for 250 science and mathematics teachers in Thailand using experiments and investigative techniques to teach science and math concepts.

Five award-winning science and math experts were flown over from the U.S. to deliver the program. The classes were taught in English with simultaneous translation into Thai. Technology was used throughout the lessons with interactive online experiments, instruction and teacher polling. All classroom experiments used products and items that could be found in any part of Thailand, making the investigation process replicable in any school in Thailand for a national roll-out.

Country: Thailand

Case Study 4: Education Software Systems

A Ministry of Education wanted a long-term solution for providing best-in-class centralized and localized education software systems to assist in the growth and modernization of their school system. The local HMH affiliate created a partnership with the MoE to provide a broad range of localized software solutions together with associated hardware and services over a five-year period. The solution includes interactive Arabic Math and Science and customized Destination Reading. Also in scope is the delivery of a national data center, SIS, interactive classrooms, teacher training to 4,000 teachers, strategic planning, textbook digitization and educational TV programming.

Case Study 5: Benchmarking Review of the National Educational Standards

The Ministry made a commitment to raising standards in its education system and needed to review the existing education standards to benchmark future developments. HMH was retained by a global consultancy firm to provide an expert benchmarking review of the national educational standards in Math, Science and English.