What's Happening?

Reading Intervention Grades 6–12

HMH Professional Services
  • Why?

    Relatable Content

    What's Happening? provides reading strategies with informational text and high-interest articles to support struggling secondary students.

    Focuses on Comprehension, Not Memorization

    What's Happening? enables students to build background information and skills leading them to become informed, confident readers

    Logical, Time-tested Curriculum Format

    The sequence of skill instruction in What’s Happening? promotes the same literacy behaviors that proficient readers use.

    Ongoing Instructor Education

    Support for teachers and literacy instructors includes professional development workshops with Dr. Bill McBride and Dr. Ron Klemp.

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    • Authors

      Meet the What's Happening? author team.

  • Features

    Student Edition

    The consumable Student Edition provides 20 high-interest nonfiction articles with before-, during-, and after-reading scaffolding. Multiple activities accompany each article and promote student engagement.

    Teacher’s Guide

    The Teacher’s Guide includes a variety of resources, including assessment support. Lexile® levels for each selection are provided in the Teacher’s Guide.

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