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  • Why?

    Write Source Homeschool

    Student Friendly

    Write Source® is the only K–12 writing program with consistent methodology and language. The components include student-friendly graphics, icons, and language that help assist in learning content. The flexible, color-coded design in Write Source will support any reading or literature program and help students develop not only the skills necessary to master English Language Arts, but also in other content areas such as Science, Social Studies, and Math.

    Integrating the Six Traits

    Write Source fully integrates the Six Traits of writing into the writing process. Prewriting focuses on ideas and organization. Writing adds a focus on voice. Revising focuses on the first three traits and also word choice and sentence fluency. Editing zeroes in on conventions, while publishing features the added trait of presentation.

    Professional Development for Writing

    The Write Source Teacher's Edition provides information to help you make the most of Write Source at home. The program's instructional design includes comprehensive support for the topics that matter most to teachers: grammar, writing workshops, academic vocabulary, test preparation, the use of technology, and so much more. The information in the Professional Development section of the Teacher's Edition will show how Write Source can help you meet your classroom goals.

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    • Research

      Learn more about Write Source® through the research!

      Developing a Meaningful Writing Curriculum (1.2MB)

    • Scope and Sequence

      The Scope and Sequence provides an overview of the concepts to be covered in a given period of time, as well as how those concepts are addressed over the series as a whole. Download a PDF to see the progression and order of topic introduction.

      Grade K–8 (423 KB)

      Grade 8–10 (492 KB)

      Grade 10–12 (502 KB)

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  • Homeschool Components

    The Write Source® Homeschool Package consists of a Student Edition, Teacher's Edition, and Assessment Workbook.

    The Student Edition includes:

    • Student models for every writing form
    • Graphic organizers to help students focus their writing
    • Differentiated instruction to meet varied student needs
    • Activities for building mechanics, grammar, and usage skills

    The Teacher’s Edition includes:

    • Step-by-step teacher notes correlated to national standards
    • Differentiated cross-curricular instruction to meet all needs
    • Meaningful test prep with pretests, posttests, writing prompts, and more
    • Mini lessons to introduce and reinforce key concepts

    The Assessment Workbook includes:

    • Pretest designed to help determine a student’s level of writing experience
    • Progress Test to help monitor student progress and refine teaching plans
    • Post-test to determine the student writing skill progress
  • Additional Resources

    Table of Contents

    Download any of the Write Source® Tables of Content to see how the program meets your curriculum needs.

    Grade 1 SE Table of Contents (587 KB)

    Grade 2 SE Table of Contents (902 KB)

    Grade 3 SE Table of Contents (1.4 MB)

    Grade 4 SE Table of Contents (1.1 MB)

    Grade 5 SE Table of Contents (1.1 MB)

    Grade 6 SE Table of Contents (875 KB)

    Grade 7 SE Table of Contents (966 KB)

    Grade 8 SE Table of Contents (924 KB)

    Grade 9 SE Table of Contents (803 KB)

    Grade 10 SE Table of Contents (897 KB)

    Grade 11 SE Table of Contents (627 KB)

    Grade 12 SE Table of Contents (587 KB)

    Sample Pages

    We are pleased to offer a preview of our Write Source program. Download a PDF sampler for the grade level of your choice.

    Grade 1 Sampler (3.7 MB)

    Grade 2 Sampler (4.8 MB)

    Grade 3 Sampler (5.4 MB)

    Grade 4 Sampler (1.7 MB)

    Grade 5 Sampler (5 MB)

    Grade 6 Sampler (2.8 MB)

    Grade 7 Sampler (771 KB)

    Grade 8 Sampler (4.4 MB)

    Grade 9 Sampler (2.9 MB)

    Grade 10 Sampler (2.2 MB)

    Grade 11 Sampler (3.5 MB)

    Grade 12 Sampler (2.2 MB)

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