In-Kind Donations

Fostering Curious Learners Across the Globe

Since 2010, HMH has donated nearly 15 million copies of its award-winning educational materials, children’s stories and adult and reference titles to underserved communities around the world.

To reach schools, nonprofits, and students across the U.S. and around the globe, we partner with a core group of nonprofits to execute our book donations. Among our primary partners are Children International and World Vision, both international aid nonprofits, and First Book, an education nonprofit with primary operations in the U.S.

As an education partner, HMH donates millions of books to these organizations, and they in turn distribute those books to eligible beneficiaries like schools, nonprofit organizations and community initiatives. We typically donate K–12 textbooks for international distribution and fiction and non-fiction children’s books for U.S. distribution.  

While we do not accept unsolicited donation requests, we can help you through our partners. If you are affiliated with a U.S. program, community initiative, or school that serves children from low-income families and you’re seeking a book donation, we encourage you to register with First Book. By registering, you’ll gain access to First Book’s network and all of its resources—including HMH titles. Register now using First Book’s quick and easy registration process. If you’re unsure whether your organization is eligible to receive books from First Book, please check the requirements for assistance. If you are seeking books for international distribution, consider contacting the Children International or World Vision affiliate in your country.