Community Investment Councils

Engaging our Employees Through Local Action

NAMI Walk HMH is proud to support Community Investment Councils (CICs) in 12 major offices and distribution centers across the U.S. and Ireland. CICs are local, cross-functional employee groups that utilize funding, training, resources, and support from the CSR team to help engage colleagues in volunteer opportunities and charitable campaigns to improve the communities where we live and work. CICs also help execute global employee programs on a local scale, including HMH's annual Volunteer Week, a worldwide campaign to engage employees in HMH-sponsored and independent service projects. The CICs also facilitate One Book, One HMH, an employee book club program formed with the goal of bringing the employee community closer together by fostering a unique, shared reading experience based on HMH content.

For detailed information about HMH’s CIC program, read our 2016 CIC report, Community Investment Council Initiative: 2016 Year in Review*.  

*Please download the PDF for optimal viewing.