Questions about your program?

We recognize that classroom teachers need real-time support for the questions that arise each day, such as:

  • What is the best way to use the videos and technology resources in my program?
  • Are there specific resources in my program to support my intervention and enrichment students?
  • What are some best teaching practices for using my program’s assessment options?

You could go fish for answers...

Introducing AskHMH™, an on-demand, performance support service providing educators with just-in-time access to program experts. Teachers can ask pedagogical questions and request online conferencing to support classroom implementation and instruction with their HMH® program.

or you could go straight to the source.

AskHMH is easy to use. Questions submitted Monday through Friday will be answered by program experts within 24 hours. You can also request to schedule a phone or web conference. If an inquiry requires additional response time, you will be notified by an AskHMH Specialist.

AskHMH Subscription Models Are Designed to Meet Your Needs

Administrators can purchase a school subscription (25 users) or an individual subscription to connect teachers to a program expert. Our AskHMH Specialists are easily accessible and provide on-demand support within 24 hours of an inquiry for programs in their area of expertise.

Purchase a one year school subscription (25 users) or a one year individual subscription (1 user). Contact your Account Executive for pricing information.



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